The View Between Villages Lyrics – Noah Kahan


Song: The View Between Villages
Artist: Noah Kahan
Album: Stick Season
Released: 2022


Air in my lungs
‘Til the road begins
As the last of the bugs
Leave their homes again
And I’m splitting the road down the middle
For a minute the world seemed so simple

Feel the rush of my blood
I’m seventeen again
I am not scared of death
I’ve got dreams again
It’s just me and the curve of the valley
And there is meaning on Earth, I am happy

The View Between Villages Lyrics – Noah Kahan

Passed Alger Brook road, I’m over the bridge
A minute from home but I feel so far from it
The death of my dog, the stretch of my skin
It’s all washin’ over me, I’m angry again
The things that I lost here, the people I knew
They got me surrounded for a mile or two
The car’s in reverse, I’m grippin’ the wheel
I’m back between villages and everything’s still

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