Alone Lyrics- Rod Wave

B Squared Beats
(Oh-woah!) What you mean, what happened?

Uh! You ever feel like you worthless? (Graah!)
Like you ain’t worth shit? (Yeah!)
And I know that I ain’t perfect
But you know that I’m worth it (Yeah!)
Tryna find somethin’ to do in my time
Ease my pain, get you off of my mind
3 cell phones, I been on my grind
No more love means no more lies
And I tried (Yeah!)

FAITHFUL Lyrics- Macklemore

Feel like I’m running out of time and the sun won’t shine forever, forever
I got my mind on my money and my money, man, fuck it, whatever, whatever
Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side, I don’t even feel like gettin’ up
But this depression on my brain, hope it change, but the rain ain’t lettin’ up

Efecto – Bad Bunny (English Lyrics)


I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that I feel this way
Every time you’re close to me
Tell me what you did to me, what drug did you give me
‘Cause I haven’t been the same ever since that night
You look at me and I start sweating
I feel like I can fly

Tomorrow 2 lyrics

They say they don’t fuck wit’ me (Cheese)
But I say they can’t fuck wit’ me
Just like the air, I’m everywhere
How you say it’s up with’ me?

Rock n Roll Pusha T -Lyrics

If I ain’t got nothin’
If I ain’t got nothin’
One plus one, plus one, plus one
Plus one, plus one, plus one equals two
Yeah, I’m sayin’ somethin’, they want it the old way (yeah)
Comin’ down the block, the windows is so hazy (yeah)
Never said, “I can’t, ” my nigga, there’s no way (no way)